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  Quick Start Product Safety Guide

Remember to take each step one at a time. If you go in order listed, you should be able to get there without too much issue, but it will take time. Step 1 *usually* takes about 24-48 hours. During holidays and weekends there will be a slight delay. Step 2 is on-going. Every time you wish to purchase, keep your product in your mind so you know what regulations to look out for (lead, flammability, phthalates, etc.). Step 3 should be done each time you order and create. Step 4 must be updated each month. Step 5, once you have it set up, is simply reordering so you always have them on hand. 

Overall cost will depend mostly upon your state requirements (step 1). Labeling can cost as little as 2¢ per product. The rest is just time.

1. Registrations 

State: Business Name registrations

State: State Sales Tax registrations

County/City: Business Name registration

Federal: EIN registration

Federal CPSC: Safer Products Account registration 

2. Regulation

Find out if your product is regulated and by which agency(ies).

All clothing items are regulated by at least the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

All children's items are regulated by at least the CPSC.

Some items may have regulations under the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) or other agencies found here.

3. Purchasing Supplies

Make sure your stuff is either exempt from testing or has a statement/certification of testing if needed.

Most flat fabrics will be exempt from needing testing of any kind. Notions like snaps, buttons, and zippers will need testing.

As a registered Small Batch Manufacturer, you are permitted to contact suppliers for testing statements.

4. Record Keeping 

Keep track of what you’ve purchased, when you purchased, and where you purchased.

Keep track of what you've created and when you created it.

5. Certificate of Compliance 

Your statement that your product complies with all current CPSC regulations.

Must be updated monthly to ensure current compliance.

Maintain copies (digital or hard copy) for up to 7 years.

6. Labeling 

CPSC and FTC requirements to have information that notes who you are, how to contact you, where you are, when you made the item, and how to care for the item. You will also create a unique code to assist in a recall should one occur.