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So if you are a manufacturer, one of the first things you want to do for safety compliance is register with the CPSC. There are actually two parts to "registration", but it is relatively quick and definitely painless. Keep in mind that there is a real live person on the other side of the registration process so it is fastest during normal business hours (in Maryland). If during the process you have any technical difficulties, or cannot find an email (check the spam and promotional sections!), then contact directly.

Part one is registering for an account. In this account, you will receive and report safety complaints and notifications. For example, if a customer says a snap cracked or popped off, you are required to report that in your account within 24 hours of receiving that complaint.

Part two is the "Small Batch Manufacturer" application. If you are a Small Batch Manufacturer (within the CPSC definition), then you are eligible to apply for a Small Batch Manufacturer Registration Number (SBM RN or SBM#). This number stays in your records to use on your Certificates of Compliance and to show the CPSC that you are engaged in a business that is permitted some third-party lab testing relief. This number also is renewed and changed every year so do NOT place it on your permanent tags or you'll have a lot of waste at the end of the year. You will renew this number in your account as well.

During the process of exchanging emails, you may receive an email asking for "letterhead". Don't fret, they simply need to ensure that, yes, you are the person permitted to act on behalf of the company. You don't need to physically sign or fax anything,you don't even need a formal letterhead (though you can easily create a fun one with a Microsoft Word document template or Google Document). Just email them back and let them know who you are and confirm that your product does fall under their jurisdiction.