Some FAQs

What the heck is safety compliance? In short, compliance is following the rules. As such, we are following the rules of product safety to ensure that our consumers are safe from unnecessary harm. There are steps to this particular process and this course will walk you through them based on what is available through the agencies so that you know exactly where the information comes from.

How does this course work? This course is the bare bones basics pulling information from various agencies together to help you see the process to have legal and safe products. I spent over 9 years compiling and sharing information. Now, you can find it and utilize it in a shorter time frame.

How do I support this information and free help? I couldn't continue to do what I do without your support and surprisingly to me, a few have asked how they can help continue to support this information monetarily! I've created a Patreon page where you can show your support for as little as $1 a month. With this support, I hope to continue to further my efforts in helping you stay on top of the requirements surrounding your products without the stress.

Is there more specific information or help for me? I can not have all of the information laid out for you here, it would be significantly more overwhelming! To combat this concern, I do have additional courses at and services available at