Welcome! I am truly happy to see you here searching out information to create a safe and legal business and product. I've been at this for over 8 years now and am just floored by the increase in awareness I've seen over the years.

My name is Misty Henry and I am the owner and lead expert of Product Safety and Consulting Services, LLC. I started this course because I was afraid of losing information during Facebook's updates. I also started it because the information is easier to assemble into categories to make following a process with differing aspects easier. Over the last 9 years, I've researched and compiled information from the Code of Federal Regulations in regards to mostly handmade products. I've worked closely with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and other government agencies to ensure up to date and correct interpretations of the current laws are provided.

My specialty is small batch handmade products. I feel strongly that artisans are being pushed around too much by big corporations who have forgotten where everything began. I feel strongly that we've allowed our consumers to turn our products into a commodity because we are too busy competing with the big corporations and large manufacturing plants. I feel strongly that regardless of our position in regards to big corporation, we can find our own solutions to supporting our families and providing a renewed sense of worth in our craft that so many have forgotten.

Because of these strong feelings, my passions lie with small batch artisans. They are the true entrepreneur. They are the person working 168 hours a week for $.02 an hour (if that) just to support their families the best way they know how. They hold multiple positions in their business so that they can do their taxes, do their ordering, do their manufacturing, do their marketing, do their shipping, do their customer service, and so much more. They work their tails off to ensure their customers have the best experience with artisan and small business, and are always worried each night if they did or said the right thing. They are the people that, when that sale comes through, they do a little jig and a sigh of relief that they can finally pay their bill. These are the people that I love. These are the people that have my heart and my passion. These are the people that I turned down a potential position at the CPSC for because I was afraid that I would lose the ability to help them to their dreams.