1. Registration

Where do I register?


Why do I register?

To have a quick channel of communication should you become aware of a safety issue concerning your product (popped or cracked snap, etc.).

To maintain relief from certain chemical testing if a supplier has already done so.

I got a Letterhead request. What did I do wrong?

You did nothing wrong, the CPSC just needs to verify that you are actually making something they have regulations over.

Send them back an email with the information they request. No need for an official "letterhead". They request that only to know that you are the owner/person allowed to speak on behalf of the company. Simply send an email with the information shown below.

What do I do with this account?

Watch your email for any reports from the CPSC or check in the account for any notifications.

Renew your number every January to maintain the allowed benefits.

Video to renew: https://www.facebook.com/mistyhenrycs/videos/1256897317758800/