Quick Overview

Product Safety Compliance, in how I teach it, consists of 6 main parts. This course goes over each in a very basic way so that you have the starting tools to move forward in your endeavors.

To get more in-depth information, I have additional courses that contain videos, more images, checklists, and a private group to provide more clarity to questions that may pop up.

Take each lesson 1 step at a time for 1 product at a time. Repeat these steps (aside from registration) for each product you want to make.

  1. Registration (with any agency(ies) you are governed by)
  2. Regulation (with any agency(ies) your product is governed by)
  3. Purchasing Supplies (exempt? testing? statements?)
  4. Tracking Supplies & Finished Products
  5. Documentation (showing that you comply and how you comply with the regulations)
  6. Labeling