4. Documentation

What is the Children's Product Certificate?

This is the document that self-certifies that you have complied with all US regulations and how you've done so.


How often do I create this?

You will create a new document for a new type of product (dress, pant, purse, toy, etc.).

You will create a new document every month that you create these items.

Who do I give them to?

You keep them in your records, provide them to the CPSC upon request, and provide a link or document to any distributor of your products (Amazon, consignment, wholesale, etc.).

How long do I keep them?

You will retain every document for 5 years. I recommend keeping them digital for this reason.

Can someone else do this for me?

Absolutely! I know it can get overwhelming with all of the codes and making sure you have the right ones and have gotten all of the allowed exemptions, so you can find my service HERE.