I just want a bit of peace of mind - can I have you in my back pocket?

I hear you! This information was very quick and I'm sure your eyes are going cross-eyed. I have the thing for you:

  • The Makers' Community: I'm like a little friendly gnome that sits in your pocket ready to answer your questions. You get access to a private group where you can also connect with other business owners, join in on Q&As right in the group, and get any additional resources within the group.

Not only will you have the opportunity to ask questions when they arise and expect a more thorough response (sometimes in video format!), you'll have the option to join live Q&As to ask me in (virtual) person! Plus, you already will have all the previous videos and Q&A replays!

To get me as your Back Pocket Expert with live Q&As, private community, and other goodies, check it out here.

There is no time commitment, so if you want to work on something specific, you may be in the private group a bit more than other times when you don't need as much. I'm like, your business's assurance policy and a personal Google-er and agency email-er that knows exactly what to look for (if I don't already know it!), what to ask, and how to spot quality information over opinion pieces and interpretations. Plus, if you decide you don't need that business assurance, you have complete control over your membership and are always welcome to come back if your plans change and you need a hand again!